About us

Addison Lee started life as a car service company in London in 1975. Since then we have grown to complete over 10 million journeys a year, in 350 cities worldwide.

However, Addison Lee is much more than just drivers. Every single member of our team – from call centre operatives to managers and web developers – plays a vital role in defining who we are.

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do and we are tasked with being brilliant wherever and however we interact with them.

That might involve; offering advice before a customer has booked a car, taking a booking, answering questions or providing guidance or support once they’ve travelled with us.

Our customers are well-informed and highly engaged, and they love Addison Lee. They love to share their views and will often give us feedback which helps us improve our service. Our advisors are the internal voice of these customers and we expect them to help us drive a better service for our customers every day.

In every case, and with every customer – every one of us is committed to providing an outstanding service, as the business continues to grow.

If you think you’re up to the challenge of working for our award-winning business that keeps millions of people moving each year, take a look at the available roles on this website and apply now.


  • What is Addison Lee opening in Peterborough?

      Addison Lee is relocating its customer service centre from London to Hampton, in Peterborough.

  • Why is this happening now?

      We are a growing business and our expansion plans mean our historic office space in London is no longer suitable.

      Addison Lee’s London customer service centre premises is at capacity with no options for extending space at the current site. We are confident for the future, and our forecast for growth will lead to an expansion of our service centre team. These two considerations meant that relocating outside of London became the best solution.

      Like other organisations we recognise that creating a quality, first class environment for employees, which fully supports the delivery of high levels of customer service is challenging in central London, especially when compared with optimal solutions outside the M25.

  • Why Peterborough?

      Peterborough has one of the fastest growing economies in the UK. The Access House site in Hampton will be able to configure exactly to our needs.

      Employees will have more space, better technology, improved on-site facilities and an amazing green setting near the centre of the city.

      Peterborough has a vibrant, ambitious work force and we are looking forward to recruiting up to 250 staff locally.  We will be recruiting for roles from April 2017 reaching out as far as possible to attract talent from the commutable area.

  • Will Addison Lee be bringing a taxi operation to Peterborough?

      Addison Lee will not be bringing any taxi operation to Peterborough. We have been in communication with local taxi companies to inform them of our plans and give them the opportunity to ask us any questions that they may have, and will continue to do so.

  • What does this mean for Addison Lee in London?

      Addison Lee remain committed to London, where we will still employ over 500 people in Camden and West London. This is more than the number of London staff we employed in London one year ago.

      We have completed a formal consultation with impacted employees based in London, and have discussed options available to them, including possible relocation to Peterborough.